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Get a Cleaner in Hampton

If you wish to employ a domestic cleaner in Hampton through SelClene, please complete the form below. We will then email you our full terms and a PDF of the agency paperwork and start introducing cleaners to you one at a time.

Should the first cleaner we introduce to you be unsuitable, let us know and we will introduce a second and even a third, until you are happy to employ a cleaner we have introduced.

At some point we will call you to take your card details for your agency membership.

However you do not pay anything for our
Hampton cleaning agency until your first cleaner actually agrees to start and you have both agreed a set day and time each week for them to work for you.

Once your first cleaner starts, we charge you a modest quarterly fee depending on how many hours a week you have.

For example:
Three hours or more per week:
The combined hourly rate (inclusive of cleaning agency membership) is £10.75 per hour, based on 3 hours or more a week.

Two, or two and a half hours per week:
The combined hourly rate is £11.50 per hour for 2 hours a week.

Part of the hourly rate goes to the cleaning agency and the balance of the hourly rate is paid by you to the cleaner weekly - i.e. you pay the cleaner direct, each week, based on the hours they have actually worked for you.

The hours worked may vary from week to week by private arrangement between you, but you only pay the cleaner for the hours they've actually worked for you.

Each cleaner completes a daily 'hours worked' sheet, known as a Workers Earnings Receipt Form (WERF) which you can use to account for the hours they have worked and the payments you have made to your regular weekly cleaner.

Since you have the same cleaner each week, they will quickly learn what you want doing in your home, but if you wish to change your cleaner, or your cleaner leaves or proves unsuitable for any reason, subject to availability, we will allocate a replacement within 5 working days or less.

We will be able to put cleaners forward for you to interview immediately, once you have completed the form on the right.  

You have no obligation to take a cleaner on and no need to pay our Hampton cleaning agency anything for the initial cleaner or cleaners to be introduced to you, should you decide not to employ them in your home.

Your quarterly membership of our Hampton cleaning agency commences on the day your first cleaner actually agrees to start.

We will phone you after the first clean, to see how they are getting on and also to check if you would like us to pass any initial instructions on to your cleaner.

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